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Altered Destiny Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You, MC and your best friend, Kimberly stumbles on ….

Developer: ICCreations Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English 
Genre: Adult, 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Boobs, Fantasy, Adventure, Superpowers, Milf, Animated, incest, Titfuck

Description Game

You, MC and your best friend, Kimberly stumbles on … artifacts. After touching you witness an unclear disaster event that takes place in the near future. Unbeknownst for that true meaning, both of you and then associated with another time line … almost two decades to the past. Even though you can freely travel between these two schedules in the same world, you must find ways to prevent disaster events lurking in front.


  • Two overworld hubs (past & now) you will be able to travel between the two at will.
  • Cast new characters, with some side characters that return from the previous game.
  • Various characters. Want each character feel unique than others.
  • A heavy story focuses on a big emphasis on the depth of the character.
  • Choice. Some are large, some small, but they will all be important in one way or another.
  • 1920×1080 image / animation resolution. Rise from Filf 1280×720.
  • Pecal. This character will be a guide for MC (past & now). Basically, instructions
    generator. To avoid confusion about what you have to do next.

Screenshots and Gameplay

– Fixed a bug that prevented you from progressing if you spoke to Gwynn BEFORE meeting Perl in her lab
– Fixed a bug that sent you to the “pre change” version of your bedroom if you selected to rest and then selected “back”.
– Kim and Silvia’s animated idle while during the dishes code was mistakenly removed. It’s back now.
– Fixed a bug that gave an error when on the past overworld map during the night at the end of the update.
– At the end of the update, the past/present time of day and day of week should match. It wasn’t, and now it’s fixed.
– Fixed a handful of spelling/grammar errors
– These bugs were reported while I was adding in some of the last animated idles I needed to do, so now you will be able to find Perl and Natalie in the classroom when summer school starts


  • Continuation of the main storyline.
  • Introduction to Quest Side Silvia.
  • First Voice Actor – Small Sen Semanggi Sound. Currently voiced to get BB jewelry. Hope to have new voice actors added for each update.
  • A new sketch search scene to open.
  • First event planner scene.
  • Cellphones can be obtained.
  • New location in the present time: Park, Coffee Bar, West Coast
  • Your own customized photo gallery is added to your new computer. You will be able to capture obscene moments and save it to be displayed.
  • Secret photos are removed and replaced with a photo gallery. The same idea, but it’s harder.
  • Add music by my personal favorite artist, Kethe. Some instrumental and songs are added in the game with his blessings.
  • MC’s house has been fully renovated to fit the big changes that occur at the end of V0.02.
  • Simple relationship system has been applied. You will only go through the storyline of each character / main search to increase it. There is no milling.
  • Added in many idle contents to have characters that cannot be overcome in all parts today.
  • Gallery to replay all previous scenes
  • Computer button to change the name MC
  • Computer buttons to add cheat pair in the game
  • Search maid (! &?) From v0.02c now default to die. Type a particular cheat code to turn it on.
  • New imagutton helper added to UI. The mouse on it to help you distinguish what can be clicked and what doesn’t. Must help find smaller items on the screen easier.
  • Add two new animations to previous content. The first introduction to Penny and fell to the holy place of the artifact.
  • Music credit and sound actor credit added to the menu. Use it to check their items.
  • Like V0.02C. You can travel back to the Overworld map from any location. Except when it is blocked by search triggers.
  • You can also go straight back to your room via Overworld map. No need to navigate your home.
  • After returning, you can borrow Kimberly Skateboard, but its use will not be needed until V0.04.
  • Some east side map icons have been added, but only placeholders. One present at Gwynn’s house.

– You can now travel straight to the overworld map from anywhere, UNLESS
an event is to trigger on your way out.
– You can travel straight to your bedroom from the overworld map, UNLESS
an event is to trigger on your way in.
– There are now “!” and “?” indicators on the overworld map to help guide
you to where you need to go to progress the story.

How To Install Game Altered Destiny

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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