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A House In The Rift Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You are thrown into the dimensions of the dimensions and do not know what to do….

Developer: Zanith Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Corruption, Creampie, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Titfuck, Harem, Cuddling

Description Game

You are thrown into the dimensions of the dimensions and do not know what to do. However, other Castaways of different realities join you one by one to form a bond of confidence, friendship and eternal physical intimacy.

Beautiful girls from various dimensions of fantasy care for you during the day, and then you go explore the strangeness of the freshness all night. And you can bake the cake with Succubus, wrestle with a pirate captain who excites the giant, learn magic with a young girl Acolyte, and then do some extracurricular activities with them too.
Falling in love with the girls, falling in bed with them, and falling into different Rift every night!

Screenshots and Gameplay



  • Cait going to Earth and getting her glasses
  • Then showing them off
  • Lyriel dressing up. Or down?
  • Some Nip Weds in the in-game gallery


  • Xmas/Holidays event
  • But it’s really huge
  • 7 parts, 200+ renders, almost 2 minutes of animations (most of it is Doina dancing, but she got some moves and curves!)
  • Naomi’s side sex scene
  • Repeatable morning tea with Rae (three new conversations)


  • Four new events for Rae
  • Dinner date with her
  • Socializing with humans
  • An invitation?
  • New sex scene for Lyriel
  • Shower story dream remaster


  • Two new main story event
  • First daylight etherwalk
  • Night date with Rae
  • Shopping for clothes with Rae
  • And another scene with Rae
  • New sex scene with Rae
  • New branch for the Halloween dream
  • Integrated partial Russian fan translation by Fodyc

Major overhaul of the quest log/hint system
New event for Cait
Repeatable sex with Cait
New sex scene with Rae
New sex scene with Lyri
New lewd scene with Cait


  • Cait’s story continues with 5 new events
  • The Scene with her
  • Meeting her friends
  • New Bunny Lounge scene (threesome with Annie)



  • 4 new Lyriel’s “servant” route events
  • Shower with Lyriel
  • New sex scene with her
  • New Barmaids dream


  • Bunny Lounge dream


  • “Lyriel’s First Time” event rerendered with a different lighting setup
  • New event with her
  • Repeatable sex with her new intros and outros and more kissing
  • New Barmaids dream starring Viorel (she’s very eager to swallow everything)
  • Full occupation change system


  • Lyriel’s current story arc is (mostly) finished
  • The Event with her


  • New Lyriel’s story arc (about 10 encounters)
  • Cait’s swimming lessons progression
  • New Cait’s lewd – pool blow (will become repeatable later)
  • Fivesome with some hot elven barmaids (two huge animations)
  • Rae’s Questions and Sleep Aid HJ remasters


  • New Yona lewd (will become repeatable in Beta)
  • 5 new encounters with Yona (ending her intro story arc)
  • 2 new encounters with a very wet Cait


Yona’s story quest
Yona’s first lewd
Lyriel/Cait crossover event
Lyriel poolside repeatable lewd
Yona/Naomi crossover event and additional activity’


  • Yona’s appearance – new main cast girl
  • 2 starting story route events for Yona
  • 2 pairs of Yona’s in-game CGs (hidden items)
  • Rae’s pre-reveal lewd remaster (4 new anims)


  • Minor fixes

Lyri’s swimsuit reveal event
Naomi’s repeatable dream sex event
Lyri’s swimsuit sprites
Cait’s repeatable hangout at the pool
Cait’s sprite rework + swimsuit sprites
4 new hidden items, 8 bonus CGs


  • Rae’s swimsuit reveal event
  • Cait’s swimsuit reveal event
  • Naomi’s swimsuit reveal event
  • Rae’s repeatable poolside activity
  • Rae’s oily lewd
  • Occupation suggestions – Lyriel and Rae for now
  • Swimsuit sprites for Rae and Naomi


  • New story event chain
  • Featuring a new dream with Jenny and auntie Viv, with 9 animations
  • And unlocking new House expansion
  • New sprites for Rae
  • Halloween event: 200 renders and 4 more animations


  • Bug fix


  • Patron-special dream – Obedient Maid Lyriel (over 2 minutes of new animations)
  • 2 new personal events for Cait
  • 1 new animated event/repeatable for Cait
  • animated repeatable for Rae
  • repeatable 4-girl dinner scenarios

How To Install Game A House In The Rift

1. Extract and run.

Download and extract.
1)place the extracted files in the “game” sub folder of the the main game

A House In The Rift Free Download


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